We’re in This Together ❤

By now no doubt you are all aware of all the health and safety recommendations that have been issued to keep us all safe (if you’re not sure, head to the World Health Organization’s website for the latest guidance) and most of you are working from home. We thought we’d share some advice and ideas that might help to make working from home a brighter experience for you and those around you. So here are some recommendations from the Staverton team, we hope they help make things a little better during this difficult time.

Working from Home with Kids

Since the schools closed, many of us find ourselves with children at home to care for and educate, alongside a full-time job. There’s some good advice on The Guardian and if you’re looking for educational sites your children can use, both https://www.sirlinkalot.org/ and https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ are both offering their resources for free for now. The Body Coach Joe Wicks is doing an online PE lesson for kids on his YouTube channel at 9am every weekday morning to keep kids active.

Virtual Events

Being at home doesn’t have to mean being completely cut off from the world. Since people started working from home or self isolating, families, friends and colleagues have been using apps like Zoom, Messenger and House Party for video calls and group calls. And, from pub quizzes to Pilates lessons, there are so many clubs, classes and social activities happening on social media now. We’re excited about The Social Distancing Festival, a site that showcases artistic talents from around the world, live streaming events including music, poetry readings and dance shows.

Financial Help and Resources

It’s a concerning time for many people financially. There’s lots of advice and resources on Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website and it’s updated regularly with the latest guidance and information on your rights and the financial help available.

Everyone at team Staverton would like to send a big thank you to all of our clients and friends for being there. We’ve got this far because of you; we value you and we will get through this together.

Please put the health, wellness and the safety of yourself and others first at this time.


Be well,

The Staverton Team



Physical Inactivity

According to the World Health Organization (www.who.int) insufficient physical activity is recognised as one of the leading risk factors for death, posing a global public health problem.

Globally, it is estimated that every year, physical inactivity is associated with more than 5 million deaths and is contributing to global healthcare expenditures, as well as lost productivity. While many countries have developed national action plans to tackle growing prevalence of physical inactivity, gaps challenges persist with their implementation, often associated with an uncoordinated or underfunded approach.

Physical inactivity is associated with the onset of a number of different diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer (e.g. breast or colon). The lack of active routines in people’s lives is also associated with a mortality and morbidity burden. A healthy population has a positive effect on a country’s economic output (e.g. measured as gross domestic product). Reducing physical inactivity has a positive effect on a country’s labour force by reducing premature mortality and improving rates of sickness absence and levels of presenteeism. We believe the implications of this study can be far-reaching, informing policy around the world on issues of public health and state budgets.

Adrian Gore, Discovery Group Chief Executive, says; “This ground-breaking study provides proof of the relationship between exercise, productivity, mortality and economic growth. It strengthens our resolve to continue to encourage people to move more and become part of a global health movement.”


The Latest Big Brands to Join Team Staverton

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re proud to look back at some of high-profile brands who have chosen to work with Staverton.

Our latest clients include some of the best-recognised names in business. Although they work in different industries and in different locations around the UK, they all share a passion for well-planned workplaces and innovative furniture that contributes to the well-being of their team.

We’re so pleased that brands including CNN, Deliveroo, Paddy Power Betfair, Severn Trent Water, Imperial College, HomeServe, McKinsey & Company and the AA have chosen Staverton to deliver quality products and intelligent design to their workplace.

We’d like to send a big thank you to all our partners – the industry dealers and interior design professionals – who regularly recommend our products to their clients. We really do appreciate your support.


Celebrate Christmas with Staverton

Christmas is on its way and we’re getting in the festive spirit here at Staverton.

On 11th December, we will be holding a Christmas get-together in our showroom where guests can catch up with friends from the industry while enjoying mince pies, mulled wine and fantastic toe-tapping tunes.

Our event will include a 60-minute ‘Make a Willow Star’ workshop for anyone who would like to get creative and learn how to weave with willow to make a beautiful star-shaped festive decoration for their home.

The event begins at 5pm with the workshop scheduled to start at 6.30pm.

For more information or to let us know that you’ll be joining us, please contact Jess on 0203 7941200 or email jess@staverton.co.uk


Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at our Christmas Get-together this year; it was great fun.
Check out the following link for some shots: View Here

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Health Gains

When it comes to the workplace, being present is not the same as being productive. We take a look at a new study which shows the relationship between being more active and productivity – and the knock-on effect this could have on the UK economy.

RAND Europe used a dynamic, multi-country macro-economic model to comprehensively assess the impact of physical inactivity on national economies on a consistent basis, allowing for an aggregation of the effect to the global economy. The study claims to use a novel approach to synthesise the existing evidence on physical activity and mortality risk by taking study design and publication bias into account. It utilises Vitality’s data on workplace health, derived from its Healthiest Workplace initiative in seven countries, to assess the relationship between physical activity and performance at work. And it combines the mortality and productivity effects into a single model to project the true economic cost of physical inactivity over time.

The study points to a significant relationship between inactivity and productivity loss, driven largely by ill-health related presenteeism.

Hans Pung, President of RAND Europe, comments on the significance of the study; ‘This is the first time that a multi-country macroeconomic model has been applied to the area of physical activity, facilitating a detailed assessment of the current and future implications of insufficient physical activity. The study points to a significant relationship between inactivity and productivity loss, driven largely by ill-health related presenteeism. We hope that these insights will support policymakers and employers with new perspectives on how to enhance the productivity of their populations.’

The study also found that by meeting at least the minimum World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on active lifestyles, up to five productive working days can be added every year. This is associated with physical and mental health gains, improved lifestyle behaviours (such as improved sleep quality) and even better engagement at work. In addition to productivity, individuals also benefit from improved mortality rates – ranging from 17% to 34% for the physically inactive moving to a state of becoming highly active. Vitality estimates this to result in 2.5 years of additional life (based on an average 40-year-old).

For the UK, the combined impact of improved productivity and reduced mortality from getting people to meet at least the WHO recommended levels of activity would contribute to GDP gains of at least $11bn (£8.5bn) annually, or $170 (£130) per person. This excludes the cost savings to the NHS associated with improvements in physical activity, resulting from a reduced incidence of diseases linked to inactivity, such as cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer, diabetes and mental health.

You Design Them. We’ll Make Them.

At Staverton we’re always exploring the latest technological developments to improve services for our clients. The latest is an updated version of the #StavertonLight configurator tool!

We launched SL last year alongside an innovative configurator tool which gives users the ability to customise the product with different colours, finishes and options, download a preview and share the results. This has now been updated to offer enhanced features which include more realistic textures, shadows for added realism and the option to change the backdrop from dark to light. The user experience has also improved with a reduction in loading times and upgrades to the reliability and stability of the platform.

The easy-to-use tool offers all of our standard colours for the worktop, matching and contrasting edging options for the edge and frame, plus the option to add cladding, a bridge and screen in a variety of colours.

Design your SL now by visiting:
Staverton Configurator 2.0


Come and See Staverton at Business South West 2019

We are happy to be participating in the 10th Business Showcase South West – the largest business exhibition in South West of England – on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol.

If you’re going to be there, please stop by and see us at the Staverton stand. We’ll have ‘SL’, one of our latest sit-stand desking systems on show, and we’d love to have a chat.

For more information and to register your attendance at this event, please visit: Event Tickets 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Staverton Looking Forward to Workplace X Conference Next Week

We are pleased to announce that Staverton will be taking part in this year’s Workplace X, a high-end learning conference for people in industries associated with the workplace.

The conference, which is aimed at high-level executives from facilities management, corporate real estate, human resources and learning and development, takes place on Thursday 3 October at Twickenham Stadium.

The event is billed as being ‘where tomorrow’s workplace innovators collaborate’ and there is an exciting and innovative programme of events planned to inspire and educate the delegates. Organiser Inspired Business Media has brought together more than 28 workshops around an agenda looking at important trends in Customer and Employee Experience; The Future of the Workforce; Workplace and Workspace; People; Performance and Place; and the constantly evolving theme of Culture in the Workplace. Many of these themes are close to our hearts at Staverton and we’re really pleased to be involved with the event.

If you’re at Workplace X, please stop by and see us at the Staverton stand. We’ll have two of our desking systems on show – SL and 88 – and we’d love to have a chat.

You can find out more about the event here:

The Future of Furniture in the Workplace

Advances are moving at such a rate it is only natural that it would eventually impact our working lives.

There is now an ever-growing demand for furniture with integrated technology. Many businesses are adapting to this change in a bid to create effective work environments that appeal to a multitude of generations. More and more businesses are looking to new technology to create a workforce that is more productive, more efficient, and more innovative. For the majority of job roles, technology now makes it easy to work effectively from anywhere in the world, creating a much more flexible method of working.

Productive, healthy and efficient workspaces encourage employees to move around. Furniture like SMS the electronic mobile sit-stand desk, for example, allow users to roll the desk to the location that suits, creating different working areas within the office. And having the option to stand to complete tasks keeps energy levels constant and the blood flowing to the brain. Standing up not only gives employees the opportunity to stretch their body, but also provides them with a change of scenery and that all-important variation.

We’re thus seeing an increase in demands for built-in chargers, music docking and power points. Paul Edward, Managing Director at British furniture manufacturer and solution specialist, Staverton, identifies that employees like to have a certain amount of control over their workspace and he believes a successful office is one that offers variety and agility.

Wellbeing has already become a natural addition to any forward thinking office design, office workers do not want to be sat in one chair, at one desk, for their entire day at work. By providing a variety of options for individuals and teams to work in, you enable the opportunity for them to keep active both physically and mentally.

The work environment is a space that employees spend a significant amount of time in, and it is therefore important to recognise its impact on their wellbeing and ultimately, receiving more productive, happier employees.

Once Again Celebrating Workplace Diversity

#PrideMonth is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Workplace Diversity. Join us!

We’re committed to providing a safe, inclusive workplace for all members of the Staverton family. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but it’s the unique perspectives of our workforce that helps develop our identity, form innovative ideas and ultimately, make a great team. Differences in religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and disability shouldn’t just be respected – but celebrated. Because we all work better, together.

Get to know our team: https://staverton.co.uk/about/team/