Hybrid Steel/Timber Collection

All of our desk furniture systems have a lifetime warranty on the framework and a 10-year warranty on top panels.


The Staverton 88 Collection, which includes versatile desk, bench and table solutions, was introduced as part of our 88th anniversary celebrations.

The use of timber pays tribute to Staverton’s woodworking history and heritage while simultaneously matching current trends in office furniture design.

88 Workstations

88 combines great aesthetic detailing and exceptional craftsmanship to provide flexible and space-efficient solutions.


Under Desk Cable Management

In keeping with all Staverton ranges, 88 also includes discreet cable and power systems management as well as a wide variety of screen options.

88 Tables

Our 88 meeting room tables, with natural timber legs, are designed for break-out areas and meeting spaces. The slim profile of the table’s connecting rails increases knee space around the entire perimeter of the table top.


Coffee Tables

Our coffee tables combine simplicity and elegance with the warmth and natural ambience of high finish solid oak.

There’s a wide range of tabletop finishes to suit any workplace, and the product offers the versatility of both three and four-legged versions in three different heights. We also offer a soft-sleeve fabric cable riser available as an optional accessory.

Cable Management and Power Solutions

We offer organisation tools to ensure unobtrusive access to power and effective cable management for uncluttered table designs.

Stools and Bench Seats

The 88 bench seats and stools are a simple collection of seating options to complement the 88 tables.

There are three seating options: a four-legged bench, a three-legged stool and a four-legged high stool. All seating options include a luxury seat pad which is available in a wide range of fabrics.


View Our Other Solutions

Although best known for our workstations, Staverton has a much wider range of furniture solutions spanning workplace mobility, meetings, storage, workwall and integrated technology too.

Sit Stand

A fully adjustable range of desk and bench solutions.


Flexible and space efficient, bench desking brings people together.


Furniture systems that can host TV monitors, whiteboards, shelves, and more.


While offering standard storage solutions, including pedestals.


Agile working demands change to teams, locations and styles of work.

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