Benching Systems and Workstations

All of our desk furniture systems have a lifetime warranty on the framework and a 10-year warranty on top panels.

Flexible and space-efficient, bench desking brings people together and aids collaboration.

Staverton has a variety of static workstation solutions including individual desks and bench systems to suit different design aesthetics, budgets and functions.



Staverton ZD combines the minimal aesthetic with exceptional build quality at a highly competitive price.

A full collection of desks, benches and tables is offered with a light floating top that sits away from the structural frame. Cable management is simple and effective, concealing all vertical and horizontal cable paths from view.

The ZD range holds the prestigious FIRA Gold Certification, which is the ultimate mark of furniture quality and excellence.


Extended Range Products

The ZD range offers many options including inset end-leg, soft barrel-shaped worktop and retrofittable sit-stand conversion kit.



Staverton CL is our clever bench. Clean lines provide a solid platform for fully integrated power and data solutions to be accommodated within the bench’s structure.

The CL range removes the need for specialist electrical installation as all power issues are dealt with above the floor. A leg-mounted PDU delivers power for up to ten desks and a simple ‘plug-in’ design, promotes easy installation and greater flexibility.

Sliding tops, vertical risers, and hinged containment trays allow service teams to maintain a safe yet accessible power distribution system.



Staverton QB is a lightweight and practical choice. Its structure is designed to use the minimum amount of components, keeping the cost competitive.

The QB range can be configured as a desk with a single cross rail or a bench with twin cross rails, and like all of our ranges, QB provides an effective and discreet cable management system.

Modern Workplaces Demand Easy Access to Power and Data

Staverton’s technology expertise spans in-set desktop power solutions, and power distribution units built into the very core of the furniture – all designed to power the workspace without compromising the design aesthetic.

We’ve even designed the Plenum – a concealed power solution to make perimeter fed power and mobile furniture perfectly compatible. A range of cable tray options and CPU and HDE holders are also offered to ensure that while technology is hidden, it is always accessible.

Product Gallery

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Although best known for our workstations, Staverton has a much wider range of furniture solutions spanning workplace mobility, meetings, storage, workwall and integrated technology too.

Sit Stand

A fully adjustable range of desk and bench solutions.

88 Family

Hybrid steel/timber collection includes desk, bench and table solutions.


Furniture systems that can host TV monitors, whiteboards, shelves, and more.


While offering standard storage solutions, including pedestals.


Agile working demands change to teams, locations and styles of work.

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