Standing Workstations

All of our desk furniture systems have a lifetime warranty on the framework and a 10-year warranty on top panels. Moving parts and electrical items have a 5-year warranty.

Stand for a phone call, sit to concentrate or something in between.

Productive, healthy and efficient workspaces encourage employees to move more. Staverton sit-stand desks allow you to find the height that suits you best.

A sit-stand desk benefits workers and businesses alike. For employees, it alleviates aches and pains, improves posture, increases circulation and boosts mental health. Businesses report more effective, focused and engaged employees, an increase in productivity and a reduction in absenteeism.

Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks


Employees who use height-adjustable desks are 66% more productive, 71% more focused and work more collaboratively with colleagues. Research showed absences due to illness significantly decreased among workers using sit-stand desks.


Stress is reduced by 33% for employees who use sit-stand desks. Standing for 15 minutes per hour will increase weight loss and improve mental health. It will burn 20,000 more calories per year – the equivalent of six full marathons.


60% of employees with access to flexible workstations are very satisfied with their jobs making them an important talent retention tool. Disengaged employees are 12 times more likely to leave their job than a highly engaged one.

Office Interior and Furniture Services

This is SOS2

Our upgraded SOS solution has several new features. The workstations are available in high-capacity variants for upper and lower cable management.

This is SL2

SL is a lighter version of SOS that still offers durability and flexibility, plus unrivalled cable management. SOS and SL share several components to protect our planet, aid parts availability and reduce your costs.


SOS or SL?
Choosing between two outstanding workstations isn’t an easy task.

Here’s a look at how they compare.

SOS Desking System


SOS keeps cabling and tech components completely hidden in any position.

SL Desking System


The upgradable SL workstations feature a versatile cable management ‘bridge’.

Desk Connector

SOS Desking System


Intermediate leg offering to reduce cost on long linked runs.

SL Desking System

The desks can be used independently or connected to form long benches.

Cable Management

SOS Desking System


The spacious lower cable management tray comes in two sizes: standard (31,365cm³) and high-capacity (53,550cm³). The high-capacity tray is 70% bigger than the standard one — leaving plenty of room for power bars, PDUs, and data modules.

SL Desking System


The ‘bridge’ is a retrofittable item that accommodates power bars, PDUs and GOP boxes.

Bulk-Capacity Cable Riser

SOS Desking System

The leg frame cladding creates an 80 or 190mm void that allows a great spatial capacity. The panels are straightforward to attach or remove using reliable magnetic clips — enabling easy management and cable access.

SL Desking System


The ‘bridge’ can be enhanced by adding vertical-cladding panels to form a secure void along the bench’s full width.

Workstations Linking

SOS Desking System


Two tiers of linking allow for higher versatility and client choice. Power bars, PDUs, and GOP boxes can be accommodated between the clads.

SL Desking System


All SL bench workstations can be equipped with an intermediate upstand column — enabling them to be linked together side by side. The removable panels on the column provide easy access to cables.

Desktop Options

Both SOS and SL Desking Systems


We offer 8 standard MFC finishes for both 25mm and 18mm tops. 18mm tops also come in 36 MFC plain colours. You can match the worktop edging or choose from three contrasting options.

Frame Options

Both SOS and SL Desking Systems


Traffic White and Black

Complete the look by choosing office screens in a choice of fabrics, textures, and colours. Our finishes perfectly complement a wide range of office chairs, lockers, and accessories for a cohesive working space.


SOS Desking System


Worksurface rises and lowers from 660mm to 1310mm in just 18 seconds to facilitate sitting and standing.

SL Desking System


Worksurface rises and lowers from 640mm to 1290mm in just 18 seconds to facilitate sitting and standing.

Sit-Stand Actuator Mechanisms

Powering the
Sit-Stand Magic


LINAK places a lot of importance on how its products will benefit the end users and have a minimal impact on the environment. Its products are PVC-free as standard and LINAK’s ZERO technology function means that standby power consumption of its products is just 0.1W so, while the column is not in action, it’s using virtually no power.

The column of our actuators incorporate PIEZO™ Anti-collision Technology designed to protect adjustable office desks. The hidden-away built-in sensor reacts to any obstructions when the desk is being raised or lowered, causing the desk to stop moving then reverse to avoid a collision.

There’s no crossbar column design so the user has unobstructed legroom and it’s quiet when adjusting because of gliding pads hidden away in the column. Each column can lift 70kg.


Adjust Your Desk


From Your Mobile Phone

Innovative Office Furniture

Our sit-stand desks can be controlled from a mobile phone. Desks are linked to the Desk Control™ App with integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology.

The Desk Control™ App is available on iOS and Android devices and it allows employees to adjust the height of their desk up or down as required through the app, making the process intuitive and simple. The app’s memory function allows users to set the preferred sit and stand desk height and they can decide how much time they want to spend sitting and standing and programme it in. The app also includes motivational notifications and statistics to encourage the user get the most out of their sit-stand desk and build a healthy routine during their working day.

Main Desk Control™ Features

– Set your personal challenge and improve your health.
– Reminders to stand up and reach your goal.
– Save your favourite positions.
– Track your calories.

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