Collaborative AV/VC

All of our furniture systems have a lifetime framework warranty and a ten-year warranty on top panels. Moving parts and electrical items have a five-year warranty.

In today’s increasingly agile world, employees and employers need office furniture that can adapt and mould to suit their various working styles.

Gone are the days of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to office design.

We’ve responded by creating office furniture solutions that can be easily adapted, with a broader scope for personalisation of materials and sizes.


Workwall is a modular wall-mounted system that can host TV monitors, VC cameras, whiteboards and more.

Completely customisable, Workwall gives you the flexibility to design the perfect system for your environment.

Finishes and accessories include whiteboards, fabrics, decorative laminates, wood finishes and acoustic panels, which are all accommodated on precisely engineered panels.

Scrumwall is a free-standing version of Workwall, and it is available in both single-sided and double-sided versions.

Scrumwall is a flexible space-defining structure that supports workplace agility and scrum-led activities.

It houses AV capability discretely and supports standing or sitting height tables.

Staverton TT is a grid-based partition and storage system with a bold aesthetic.

Designed to support hybrid ways of working, define spaces and build storage into the office – TT offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and reconfigurability.

This modular shelving system can accommodate standing tables, lockers, cabinets, whiteboards, TVs and a whole lot more – plus there’s a mobile option with wheels for the ultimate in agility.

The workplace is changing, with more emphasis on creativity, collaboration, employee wellbeing, and a homier feel.

The need for furniture solutions to offer differing work zones, breakout spaces, social spaces, and natural environment elements has never been in more demand.


TT Visual Tools



Our configurator allows our expert designers to customise TT to your precise needs and specifications.

Augmented Reality


Our AR feature generates a 3D representation of your design within your office. You’ll know exactly how it’ll look and feel.

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Although best known for our workstations, Staverton has a much wider range of furniture solutions spanning workplace mobility, meetings, storage, workwall and integrated technology too.

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Agile working demands change to teams, locations and styles of work.

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