The Future of Furniture in the Workplace

Advances are moving at such a rate it is only natural that it would eventually impact our working lives.

There is now an ever-growing demand for furniture with integrated technology. Many businesses are adapting to this change in a bid to create effective work environments that appeal to a multitude of generations. More and more businesses are looking to new technology to create a workforce that is more productive, more efficient, and more innovative. For the majority of job roles, technology now makes it easy to work effectively from anywhere in the world, creating a much more flexible method of working.

Productive, healthy and efficient workspaces encourage employees to move around. Furniture like SMS the electronic mobile sit-stand desk, for example, allow users to roll the desk to the location that suits, creating different working areas within the office. And having the option to stand to complete tasks keeps energy levels constant and the blood flowing to the brain. Standing up not only gives employees the opportunity to stretch their body, but also provides them with a change of scenery and that all-important variation.

We’re thus seeing an increase in demands for built-in chargers, music docking and power points. Paul Edward, Managing Director at British furniture manufacturer and solution specialist, Staverton, identifies that employees like to have a certain amount of control over their workspace and he believes a successful office is one that offers variety and agility.

Wellbeing has already become a natural addition to any forward thinking office design, office workers do not want to be sat in one chair, at one desk, for their entire day at work. By providing a variety of options for individuals and teams to work in, you enable the opportunity for them to keep active both physically and mentally.

The work environment is a space that employees spend a significant amount of time in, and it is therefore important to recognise its impact on their wellbeing and ultimately, receiving more productive, happier employees.