Expect the Extraordinary

A Distinct Product Launch Campaign Promotes #StavertonLight

Staverton – UK’s award-winning and longstanding office furniture manufacturer – has launched its newest product development, a light-weight and cost-effective workstation range known as SL. This product line strengthens the company’s position as a contemporary, design-led, workspace specialist. The new addition is the result of market research and careful interpretation of customer feedback: data showed an increasing demand for more accessible, flexible and well-being focused office solutions.

In order to communicate the main benefits and key features of the SL range – light-weight framework, height-adjusting functionality, Desk Control software, cable management systems and a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from – Staverton created an original product launch campaign. Two concepts were at the core of the communications strategy: high quality and cost efficiency. With this in mind, the marketing department was inspired to create the campaign tagline Expect the Extraordinary.

The message, which needed to draw attention, attract the target audiences, raise their brand awareness and generate engagement, was delivered using a content-rich and unique style. To represent the dual nature of SL, the Staverton team created two striking futuristic personalities known as The Cosmic Twins – which starred the campaign. Accordingly, the rest of the creative direction was structured around the aforementioned characters and tagline.

The campaign made use of different mediums, including a web page with a configurator – a customisation tool that allows visitors to see what the SL system looks like in different colours and finishes – brochures, press releases, direct-email advertisements and professional networks. Staverton also focused on various pre-launch actions. To draw customers to its website, the company appealed to their curiosity by producing a series of intriguing short videos that were periodically posted on social media. BTL – Below the Line – tactics, such as projection mapping, virtual reality experiences and brand presence at private and public events, were also used. These actions proved to be particularly helpful to establish rapport with small, influential customer groups or ‘tribes’.

Carlo Delucchi, Marketing Manager at Staverton, said: ‘SL is a great product range, we are very proud of its design and features, and see that the market is reacting positively to the benefits it offers. The launch campaign was a great experience, it’s the first time we have come through with such creative energy. The Cosmic Twins were meant to delight and deliver SL’s key messages, but also, to position Staverton as a reliable forward-thinking, office-furniture manufacturer, and to reinforce brand attitude, behaviours and purchase intention.’

Early results of Staverton’s Cosmic Twins campaign include record-setting company website visits and – as in-house surveys show – an overall positive emotional response from the customers. The originality of the campaign stems from the efforts of a structured team of professionals which included marketing specialists, designers, illustrators, copywriters, photographers, video makers, production artists, models and even musicians.



Congratulations to everyone involved in this project.


Creative Direction – Carlo Delucchi

Model – Astrid Simon

Photography – Andrew Livesey

Styling – Djoina Amrani

Makeup – Jamie Connor

Writing – Agustin Riso

Video – Torstein Jacobsen

Music – Gerardo De Marco