Meet Sit-stand Light

All of our desk furniture systems have a lifetime warranty on the framework and a 10-year warranty on top panels. Moving parts and electrical items have a 5-year warranty.

The SL range was created for innovative companies that need versatile office furniture solutions.

These workstations are highly functional and totally customisable. Their ergonomic design helps users stay healthy and positive, providing companies the outstanding opportunity for talent retention and productivity boost.

Details Matter

In today’s competitive environment, corporations need to unleash —more than ever— the full potential of their workforce. Healthier, happier employees are a great asset for any company. Staverton’s SL workstations feature state-of-the-art technology especially incorporated to positively impact health and well-being.

  • Minimal light-weight framework.

  • Optional 18mm top facilitates the use
    of a variety of finishes.

  • Work surface adjusts from 640mm
    to 1290mm in just 18 seconds.

  • Versatile cable management bridge.

  • Workstations can be connected
    to form long benches.

  • Caterpillar-style, vertical cable riser
    prevents cable damage.

A Technology-infused Workplace Experience

In addition to their versatile functional attributes and pleasing aesthetic value, all SL workstations are equipped with cutting-edge technology. SL uses Linak brand lifting columns, a leading industry standard for inline actuators. These columns feature PIEZO™ — a hardware-based, anti-collision system and a Desk Control software.

Desk Control Features

  • Worksurface control right from
    the keyboard or mobile phone.

  • Readout can be detailed
    in calories or time.

  • Optional user-settable memory
    positions for desk height.

  • Accurate calorie count when adding
    user’s weight.

  • Users can choose how many minutes to stand
    each hour or how many calories to burn.

  • Statistics analysis.

Show Us How You Want Them

With Staverton’s online configurator, you can customise #StavertonLight to your preferences and specifications.

This new tool allows users to choose the colours, finishes and options that best suit their personal needs and interior design style. Once the users have configurated their ideal desk, they can download a preview and share the results.


Allow the configurator to load for 60 seconds the first time you use it. Please note that this feature may not be supported on some computers and mobile phones due to incompatible operating systems.

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