You Design Them. We’ll Make Them.

At Staverton we’re always exploring the latest technological developments to improve services for our clients. The latest is an updated version of the #StavertonLight configurator tool!

We launched SL last year alongside an innovative configurator tool which gives users the ability to customise the product with different colours, finishes and options, download a preview and share the results. This has now been updated to offer enhanced features which include more realistic textures, shadows for added realism and the option to change the backdrop from dark to light. The user experience has also improved with a reduction in loading times and upgrades to the reliability and stability of the platform.

The easy-to-use tool offers all of our standard colours for the worktop, matching and contrasting edging options for the edge and frame, plus the option to add cladding, a bridge and screen in a variety of colours.

Design your SL now by visiting:
Staverton Configurator 2.0