Staverton Recertified Its FISP Membership

We are delighted to announce that our Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme certification has been renewed.

As an environmentally aware and progressive business, and in accordance with our own sustainability policies, we have renewed the FISP certification. Staverton is pleased to hold a full membership of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme and completely supports its goals and aims.

FISP was created in 2006 as an independently certified sustainability initiative specially tailored for the needs of the furniture Industry supply chain. The programme is recognised in the UK as the benchmark for sustainable practices and focuses on a variety of issues including responsible purchasing, transportation, end of product life and energy management.

The renewal of FISP’s membership is annual with bi-annual external assessments, and all members are required to demonstrate their commitment to managing and improving sustainability. Also, to maintain the certification, companies must prove that they meet certain criteria regarding key environmental, social and economic issues.

Sustainable development is at the core of Staverton’s operations. We renewed the certification last January, in accordance with our commitment to environmental and corporate social responsibility obligations.