Staverton Installed at Auto Trader in Manchester

The installation of more than 600 Staverton CL desks at Auto Trader’s new Manchester head office is now complete.

Auto Trader started moving into the space in July and now has all staff in situ. The new 60,000 sq ft office in Manchester’s First Street development replaces AutoTrader’s seven smaller regional offices .

Described as an ‘inspirational playground’ by Claremont Group Interiors, the interior designers on the project,  the office is certainly memorable.  Car meeting rooms, media walls, a skateboarding full pipe, an Audi Quattro and a ski-lodge are just some of its stand-out features.

Paul Edward said: “We spent a lot of time really understanding what Auto Trader wanted and felt that with some modifications to the CL bench, which was developed for The Co-operative Group, we could hit their brief perfectly.

“Bench desking supports Auto Trader’s collaborative working style and the integrated data and power makes it much easier for employees, avoiding the need to scramble about on the floor looking for power points, not to mention for the FM and IT teams too. We’re delighted to be working with such as successful British business and it’s a landmark project for us.  It’s fabulous to see the finished office.“

Staverton CL offers a range of benefits to users, namely large working spaces, as well as to Auto Trader’s facilities management and IT teams.  The bench desk removes the need for specialist electrical installation as all power issues are dealt with above the floor. A leg-mounted PDU delivers power for up to ten desks and a simple ‘plug in’ design, promotes easy installation and greater flexibility.   Sliding tops, vertical risers, and hinged containment trays allow service teams to maintain a safe yet accessible power distribution system. CL is individually height settable, achieved through the use of stackable spacers.

Take a look round the office

ATRADER_0145 small

Staverton CL desking small

ATRADER_0147 small