Staverton Insights

We are pleased to present our new article series called Insights. The new series highlight Stavertons experience in the office furniture industry and provide a glimpse of the latest design trends.

It’s a generally known fact that the way a workplace is set up, along with the office furniture and accessories used, commands the productivity of a team and dictates the well-being and morale of its members. A physical environment designed with employees in mind is usually regarded as a space in which people feel valued, an atmosphere of positive group dynamics, and a key trait of high-performance organisations ran by rested, happy and motivated individuals.

Is your workplace innovative and inspiring? Does it promote wellness and happiness? Many industry leaders are asking themselves these questions and coming to the realisation that a layout change, an interior design improvement and an office furniture upgrade will help them keep their greatest asset —the people— healthy and happy, and thus maintain a successful, productive business.

Some of the benefits of a well-designed workplace include:

  • Higher productivity.
  • Better business performance.
  • Improved staff morale.
  • Greater employee engagement.
  • Reduced accidents and work-related ill health.

Innovative workspaces have a tremendous positive impact on employees. Design trends are more focused than ever on individual wellbeing, and even though they evolve gradually, they represent a continuous development. Staverton has a longstanding history in office furniture design and as a responsible organisation we feel it’s up to us to design and manufacture products that will improve the work environment of our clients and create places where employees are enabled to work more productively and collaborate with ease.

You should always keep in mind that to generate a positive work setting and a productive business, an office needs more than desks, computers, accessories and chairs. If you really want to make your employees feel part of your business, they must be happy, motivated and well rested, but great office furniture is a good start.