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In today’s increasingly agile and mobile working world, employees and employers alike are seeking office furniture that can adapt and mould to suit their various working styles.

Gone are the days of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to office design.

We’ve recognised this need for a more tailored approach by creating solutions that can be easily adapted, with a broader scope for personalisation in both the materials and sizes.

Meeting Your Vision

We’ll craft your furniture ideas to create the ultimate workplace that captures your organisation’s culture, supports your work styles, and presents a social focus that instils pride into your brand and people.

Prototype of Our Workplace Furniture

Four-person sliding and pivoting workstation cluster that can be adapted to enhance collaborative working. The central plenum neatly houses all power and data modules. A power and data unit on the front face provides ‘plug and play’ connectivity for each user. The use of soft shapes and domestic materials brings a feeling of ‘home’ into the office.


Our promise is to enable our clients to achieve their design vision through our sleek and customisable product offering.

Collaboration between the client and Staverton’s design team results in striking and functional products.

Workstations still play a significant role in the office. Most modern workplace activities are carried out sitting in a chair, in front of a desk and typing on a computer. Companies should provide employees with a functional and comfortable desk solution.

Staverton has been manufacturing and installing customised workstations for many years. Our range of high-quality products covers every need and specification a contemporary workplace may have, including individual desks as well as bench systems.


At Staverton, we pride ourselves on meeting clients’ requirements with flexibility and creativity at every stage of their journey with us.

Our skilled team of product designers and craftsmen can use an individual approach to the design, manufacture, and installation to meet your exact specification.

Versatile Sit-Stand Desking System

Office Desk Design

If you’d like to find out more about our inspirational workstations, please book an appointment or a viewing at our showroom here.

Contemporary Office Desks

Want to find out more about our inspirational workstations? You can book an appointment or a viewing at our office furniture showroom by clicking the link below. We’re here to help.

The UK’s Largest 53,550cm³ Cable Management Provision

Prototype of Our Office Furniture Solutions

This back-to-back workstation has the flexibility of fixed height and sit-stand options. The bench has a single expanse beam for extra-wide workspaces with unimpeded legroom. A central flush planter provides partitioning between users.


Lockers with Bottom Row Drawers

Storage is essential; integrate it into your environment. The BX includes customisable compartments, doors, and drawer fronts.

From natural-look wood to durable laminate, choose your finish and colour to create your perfect workspace.


Prototype of Our Office Furniture Solutions

Modular system allowing a combination of open and lockable storage with an add-on planter unit and seating pad.

The Design

Factory Designers Office Furniture

Product Design and Manufacturing

Our experienced and professional design team is dedicated to producing the right products for our clients. They’ll work with you to understand your requirements and create the best possible solutions for your workplace.

Contemporary Office Furniture


Our designers can solve your challenges, combining form, function and flexibility to present a workplace solution designed and manufactured by our team to be used by your team.


Effective Storage and Partition System with Multiple Functionalities

TT offers an aesthetically bold, practical storage and partition system with unparalleled levels of flexibility and reconfigurability.

The workplace is changing, with more emphasis on creativity, collaboration, employee wellbeing, and a homier feel. The need for furniture solutions to offer differing work zones, breakout spaces, social spaces, and natural environment elements has never been in more demand.


Prototype of Our Workplace Furniture

The radial workstation strongly emphasises neat floor-to-user cable management, which is easy to maintain with minimal disturbance. The structurally mounted hinged cable tray enables electrics to be installed before fixing the top panels to provide an easy installation. Cable management plates allow for precise and controlled cables and trunking using cable ties. Cables can be tied into groups to identify which workstation segment they correspond with — reducing time spent by facilities management teams.


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An Evolving Supplier

Unlike most furniture designers and manufacturers, we don’t stop once the product comes off the production line. We’re constantly evolving every day. We focus on the user experience and the commercial value of our products.

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